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Placing reversible GTB Lab module

The circular GTB Lab module has been dissassembled in factory and is being reassembled on site today. The reversible connections allow the module to avoid waste and carbon emissions being a green transformable structure.

Jansen Skellet profiles create the base structure of the GTB Lab Module.

Taking upper beams for reassembly.

Steel frame is taking shape.

Rivets are connecting beam to column.

The top beam being assembled.

A connector plate is being assembled first.

Z-shaped connectors form intermediary connections with the wooden cassettes. They have been developed during the GTB Lab project to enable assembly and disassembly without damaging elements.

Skellet bracing is placed and a z-shape is self-tapped into the Skellet profile.

The top beam is being lifted into its place in the light-weight steel structure.

Reversible wooden floor cassette dragged and slided into place.


Reversible wooden roof cassette.

Rubbers slided over pins preparing the module for glass placement.

Another glazing rubber.

Module waiting for enclosing systems: glazing and polycarbonate roofing and facade.

The physical GTB Lab is growing day by day.

One day of work, and no sealant or cement.


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