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GREEN TRANSFORMABLE BUILDING LAB is a unique European Laboratory introducing a systemic shift in the building sector. A new philosophy where waste is considered a design error.

GTB Lab develops and realises concrete, sustainable, adaptable and innovative building systems and projects in which scientific knowledge is implemented in new and existing buildings. To this end, an integral green building methodology for the
21st century is developed, tested and

demonstrated. This leads to a showcase for 'innovation in construction' that integrates scientific insights and market demand.By designing in such a way as to enable a circular value chain, buildings receive continuous upgrading. Moreover, materials in buildings retain their value. These dynamically and flexibly designed buildings are the key to a circular economy. "Buildings are no longer the mountains of waste of the future but repositories of valuable building materials" (Durmisevic, 2015).

DDC - Until 2023 GTB Lab is initiating partner of Digital DeConstruction (DDC); the Interreg project in which a Digital Support Platform is developed to enable circular (de)construction.

BAMB - In the past years GTB Lab has been one of the important pillars of BAMB - Buildings As Material Banks; the European project that is working towards new EU standards and regulations for circular building in Europe.


Earthrise, taken on December 24, 1968, by Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders


Due to technological and ICT revolutions, we are witnessing increasing acceleration of change almost on daily bases in all fields. These changes affect the way we communicate, work, learn, live, while trends and predictions risk to be overrun at the time they are identified as such.

What is the physical answer to this increasing dynamics, considering

the capacities of the planet and human physical and psychological needs?


The world of tomorrow is an upgradable world with dynamic and reversible buildings.
Design needs to guarantee circular value chains, through which buildings and materials in buildings will sustain / increase their value.

Instead of being designed for demolition and to become waste,

reversible building design gives buildings capacity to reverse the processes and building structures back to the initial set of elements and to re-configure them to answer new requirements.

Dynamic and Circular Building is

shaping the world of tomorrow. A world in which building demolition and construction waste are considerd a Design Error.

- Dr. Elma Durmisevic -


Portrait dr. Elma Durmisevic

Dr. Elma Durmisevic

Founder of GTB Lab

GTB Lab was founded in 2009 by Dr. Elma Durmisevic. A first kick off symposium was held December 4th 2009 where she presented her vision. As a result a first cluster of participating companies was formed in 2010.

Supervisory board


Claudia Reiner-Pibiri

(duo)voorzitter SBB - Techniek Nederland - SIA - Platform Duurzame Huisvesting Klimaat & Duurzaamheid

Prof. Dr. Christiane Vaeßen, 

Geschäftsführerin, Region Aachen


Wim Sturris

directeur De Groot Vroomshoop

Ron Jacobs

Jansen AG

Former members

Prof. ir. Jan Brouwer (✝ 2023)

Operational support team

bc. Werner Eussen - project manager

Eugène van den Boogaard - BIM support

Thomas Bergstra MSc - researcher/assistent project manager

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