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GTB Lab Desk


Fully circular and reversible office table

GTB Lab Desk

Design for disassembly: a pressurised interlock connection fastened by a concealed bolt.

Process: from discarded heating pipes and oak furniture to a new table top and first prototype of a reversible frame-table leg connection.


GTB Lab Desk of Van Goedhout is made of reused materials and designed for disassembly.


The first fully circular and reversible table initiated by GTB Lab is made of reused heating pipes, reused screws from old walls and reused oak tables which have been saved from the incinerator. No glue has been used: connection types are reflecting a combination of interlocked and direct fastener connections. By unscrewing 4 interlock connections all table pieces automatically split apart, ready to be reused as new desk or in another product.
Realisation of the desk is made possible by support of GTB Lab to start-up company Van Goedhout [Dutch for Of Goodwood], who are now expanding their circular practice from tabletop to whole table. The sustainable furniture designers and makers combine modern design with circularity. At first glance, people cannot tell that the product is made of reused materials. Its philosophy is “sustainability through craftsmanship”. The company has a depot in which discarded materials are rescued and conserved from the junkyard. The high-quality materials serve as raw material for new sustainable furniture designs.

After prototyping, this table is the first one in the circular GTB Lab Desk series of Van Goedhout.


Van Goedhout


Van Goedhout

Manufacturing location

Kloosterweg 1, Heerlen, The Netherlands





Height (or depth):


1 600 mm

800 mm

770 mm


Surface damage

Hazardous materials


Material history

2023 - start production

Circularity data

Reversible BIM: the 3D color-coded model visualizes the reuse potential per element.
RP Product legend.png

Embodied mass:

Embodied carbon:

Reuse Potential:

Recovery option


Reuse by minor repair

Reused tonnage:

Reused carbon:

No. of elements:

No. of disassembly steps:



Remaining Technical Life Cycle:

49 year

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GTB Lab Desk

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