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Circle Economy will launch Circle Lab on 19-03-2018

An online platform that aims to mobilise a global community of cities, businesses, and citizens to tackle universal challenges with circular solutions. We believe that the circular economy has the potential to change the world and that the time is now to bring the concept to the kitchen table so that everyone – from entrepreneurs to big brands – can play a role in making it a reality. Our launching challenge initiator Circular Glasgow, an initiative of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, will be hosting the first challenge on the platform.

How can small to medium sized local businesses improve the legacy of major city events and conferences? From new business models to repurposing resources, the opportunities are limitless.

We are looking for bright and innovative minds to help solve a universal challenge with locally implementable solutions. Glasgow, like many other cities worldwide, plays a host to a wide range of major events and conferences every year. From pop concerts to the European Championships - and countless industry trade shows. Many local businesses, and specifically small to medium-sized enterprises throughout cities, are involved in producing these events, playing the role of vendors, valets, and clean-up crews, working tirelessly to make them a success. However, putting on these events and making sure they attract global and local audiences alike calls for a tremendous amount of resources: from the infrastructure needed to support stages and exhibits, to the food and drinks required to feed the masses. How can we empower local businesses to drive change by improving the legacy of these events? Click the button below to learn more about the online challenge and to sign up to receive updates on how to join in the ideation when it goes live online on Monday 19 March!

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