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Acknowledge the dynamic nature of built environment

Read the interview of BURST on the professional journey of dr. Elma Durmisevic towards Future proof cities - Shaping a dynamic world with circular building design.

"Future proof cities apply circular building processes, creating reversible and transformable building structures right from the design phase. Dr Elma Durmisevic has been working on this transition since the early 2000s, as founder of the Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings (GTB Lab) and as lead expert in various projects linked to circularity in the building industry. Here is an inspirational talk with a pioneer, leaving you with an empowered certainty: this is the only right way to go."

“I think we are still in the middle of the paradigm shift, but it is definitely happening. The key is to change the general perception of our built environment, to acknowledge its dynamic nature as the most important characteristic and design for high value feedback loops.”


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