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Circular GTB Lab Module

The first GTB Lab reversible steel module has been produced at the ODS work-place in Ridderkerk NL this week. ODS – belonging to the international JANSEN group – specialises in façade profiles and is one of the biggest suppliers of steel profiles in the Netherlands.

Turning first half of reversible steel module for assembly at the ODS work-place in Ridderkerk NL.

Total steel frame of Skellet profiles creating the load bearing function for the GTB Lab Module

Reversible wooden cassette produced by The NewMakers (Delft NL) placed as roof in the metal frame of the module.

CNC machined pieces of laminated veneer lumber ready for assembly of the reversible wooden floor cassette.

Steel frame as base for reversible wooden cassettes and solar glass facade....

...and the reversible wooden facade cassette.

Door opening in the reversible wooden facade cassette.

Reversible solar facade panels produced by Pilkington Enschede NL.

Reversible solar facade panels.


Reversible polycarbonate facade panels produced by Rodeca.

Reversible wooden roof casette.

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