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Climate literacy in practice

Elma Durmisevic speaks at Wastebuild 365 about developing new infrastructures towards a circular economy.

Recorded live during WasteBuild 365, Thursday 22 October 2020. With more than 80 Dutch practices signed up to the BNA’s “We Go Circular" campaign and nearly 1,000 practices signing up to Architects Declare in the UK…(not to mention engineering and construction equivalents) and movements like ACAN and the AJ’s Retro First gaining momentum every day we have acknowledged the problem, but not yet how to fix it.

How do we ensure that climate literacy is incorporated into all of our projects and all of our conversations by everyone in our practices. What can National bodies like RIBA and BNA do to provide support learning? What needs to change to architectural education to ensure students are ‘climate literate’? What can practices do for their Part 1’s and beyond to ensure they are climate literate?

It should not just be a conversation for those schemes labeled ’sustainable’ but on every project that comes across our desk.

Moderator Duncan Baker-Brown, RIBA Council and Climate Literacy Champion, SOAD, University of Brighton

Speaker - Scott McAulay, Anthropocene Architecture School

Speaker - Maria Smith, Buro Happold

Speaker - Elma Durmisevic, 4D architects and founder of Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings


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