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Decoding circular building by design

On 6 June, Elma Durmisevic was invited by NL Support Office to speak at Dutch Evening Event at Building Green Hamburg 2023. First, she spoke at the Green Sessions about Decoding circular building by design:

Decoding circular building by design

At the heart of all design concepts and interventions in the built environment is the question of how urban interventions can eliminate negative impacts on the ecological system (such as biodiversity degradation, pollution, resource depletion, climate change) and transform them into positive ones.

It is through cities and large urban agglomerations that humanity is increasingly present on the planet, mediating its relationship with the various stocks and flows of environmental capital. The complex systemic and multiscale capacities of cities and their buildings offer massive potential for a wide range of positive correlations with natural ecological systems.

This lecture will present innovative Dutch building design concepts that unlock the multi-layered capacity of buildings to reverse negative building impacts and support further growth of the planet's green capacity.

Dutch Evening Event

Elma Durmisevic was also invited by Netherlands Business Support Office in Hamburg to speak at the Dutch Evening Event, during Building Green Deutschland in Hamburg, about Green and Reversible Building Design Practise in the Netherlands, Dutch Circular Building Lab (Green Transformable Building Lab) and present the path for Decarbonisation of the built environment by design.

Building Green

Building Green is a growing event in Scandinavia where architects, engineers, developers, and suppliers meet to exchange, expand and gain knowledge about how to accelerate within sustainable architecture and construction. Now we are expanding internationally – starting with Hamburg – to reach as many people as possible.

Our mission is to illuminate the importance of sustainable architecture, building and thinking. Building Green was established in Denmark in 2011 and has since been developed and improved over the years.


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