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Green Design Day #4: Mostar BH

We are pleased to announce Green Design Day Mostar, which will take place on 25th of October in Pavarotti Centre. This Green Design Day (GDD) will elaborate the definition of circular building as a "Flexible Monument of the Future".

4th Green Design Day in Mostar

After the successful Green Design Biennale in Mostar, Sarajevo Green Design Foundation organised Green Design Days in four cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, each addressing circularity from a different perspective. The event in Mostar, as the fourth Green Design Station, opened the discussion on a new generation of buildings, which considers circular building as a "flexible monument" of the future. This definition of circular building was given by Prof. Elma Durmisevic (founder of SGDF) during the final event of the European project BAMB2020 - Buildings As Material Banks 2019 in Brussels, emphasising the need for careful integration of socio-cultural, spatial and technical aspects of reversible/circular buildings. Mostar, with its rich history and experience in the renovation of historical buildings, provided a broad multidisciplinary platform for discussion during the Green Design Day, including urban planning, architecture, education, crafts, slow fashion and slow food.

Many thanks to Prof. Maja Popovac (University Džemal Bijedić Mostar) for chairing the Mostar Green Design Day and sharing new approaches in education, Prof. Elma Durmisevic (Founder of Sarajevo Green Design Foundation and Green Transformable Building Lab, 4D Architects Amsterdam) for setting the stage for the panel discussion from the point of view of circular architecture and practical example of flexible monument through the design of Green Design Centre for South East Europe, Dr. Senada Demirovic, Ph. senada demirovic habibija (City of Mostar, IDEA) for presenting ongoing efforts in the City of Mostar to establish a strategy for the preservation of historical and modern heritage as well as the identity of the city, and other panelists Suad Dugalic, Nusret Golos, (Infinity Heritage), Esma Šantić, Enida Setka (FoRA Foundation), Martina Milićevićčević (FASADA Mostar), Edin Pandur (Art Studio Pandur).

International Exhibition of Circular Architecture

In addition to the lecture and panel discussion on Green Design, the day offers the citizens of Mostar the opportunity to visit the International Exhibition of Circular Architecture, including the student workshop exhibition, the Green Fashion Show by Naida Vilic, organised by Ismar Halvo, and to taste local Slow Food.

Special thanks to the City of Mostar and the University of Dzemal Bijedic for their support and to the great team behind the organisation Lejla Isić, Darian Alicehajic, Renata Asceric Androsevic, Ismar Halvo, Una Musanovic Johnson, Ioana Madalina van Zon for helping to create this platform for future discussions in the region.


Flexible Monument of the Future is the definition of circular building given by Elma Durmisevic during the final event of the European Building as Material Banks (BAMB) project in Brussels. It emphasises the need for careful integration of socio-cultural, spatial and technical aspects of a new generation of circular reversible buildings. Historic and cultural heritage buildings can help shed light on this new design path and help architects find the right balance between fixed and variable parts of our built environment, unlocking the longevity of buildings by designing the interplay between durability and flexibility (Elma Durmisevic 2019).

Green Design Day participants will have the opportunity to participate in the GDD panel "Flexible Monuments and Culture of Remembrance", chaired by Maja Popovac (University of Dzemal Bjedic). Learn more about the Mostar approach to revitalising historic buildings by Senada Demirovic (City of Mostar) and the design of the Green Design Centre (GDC) for South East Europe as a flexible monument by Elma Durmisevic (GTB Lab, Sarajevo Green Design Foundation, 4D Architects). The programme also includes a visit to the International Exhibition of Circular Architecture, Student Workshop Exhibition, Green Fashion Show by Naida Vilic and Green Cocktail.

Support and partners: We are organising this event with the support of the City of Mostar, the University "Džemal Bjedić" and GTB LAB. We are ready to build a sustainable future together!


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