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GTB Lab reaches highest point

Between groups of trees the base structure of GTB Lab appears. The robust steel frame is part of the Core of the building. The Core, this most fixed part of the building, has the capacity to facilitate transformation from one use scenario to another without creating demolition and waste. The Core is the multifunctional base element of the green transformable building integrating multiple building functions, such as structural stability, climate control and energy and comfort concepts for different use scenarios being investigated and tested within GTB Lab. The core provides the capacity to support multiple transformations during the use phase of the building.

Box columns support H-beams. Around it, steel tubes are mounted supporting the polycarbonate facade panels later on.

The steel tower has been placed on the concrete foundation beams.

First day of assembly comes to an end.

Cross bracing strips provide stability. On the ground floor wind braces are made of tubes creating spatial passage.

After the second day of assembly the steel frame reaches highest point.

The steel tower seems heavily oversized, but with future transformations in mind a robust structure allows reversible circular transformations. If future transformations do not produce waste, the structure can be called a green transformable building.

Steel fin plates (on 45 degrees) will support the laminated timber roof beams. The steel tubes on top will connect the polycarbonate roof to the substructure.

GTB Lab located on a nice green spot.

GTB Lab uses reversible bolted connections if possible.


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