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Before tree trunks become columns

Tree trunks from Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch Forest and Nature Reserve) are being inspected. A pictorial report.

8 numbered tree trunks to be assessed

Taking first tree trunk to assessment place

Manual resistance measurement with knife

Tree trunk overview

Head side of rejected tree trunk with fruiting body of brown-rot fungi

Peeled side of rejected tree trunk with fruiting bodies of brown-rot fungi

Mechanical resistance measurement with resistograph

Graphical result of resistograph

Measuring cracking pattern of brown rot

Analysis of the penetration depth and spreading of the rot

Healthy tree trunks

Decay caused by fungi permeating the fibrous structure of the wood

Curve measurement by yellow twine

Selected trees are nearly straight

Turning of new tree trunks for peeling

Fresh douglas wood to replace the two rejected tree trunks

End of the tree trunk with tree code of Dutch Forest and Nature reserve

Finishing of first assessment

From 15-17 meter trees only 9 meter is needed for the columns...

...and the rest is being sawn into bars by Rusman... be used as deck edge of the GTB Lab.

Inspection of leftover wood pieces turned into timber for deck edge of GTB Lab

Closer inspection

28 pieces of 310 x 30 x 10 cm douglas


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