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Kick-off GTB Lab construction team

The 'Green Transformable Building Lab' is an initiative of Dr. Elma Durmisevic of 4D Architects, also founder of GTB Lab Foundation. The core of GTB lab is to provide circular building concepts based on Durmisevic's philosophy in which demolition waste is considered a design flaw and buildings function as 'Buildings As Material Banks'. The dynamic structure of the GTB Lab lends itself to being modified annually without creating waste, allowing it to be used as an office, apartment or public building without demolition.

The construction of the GTB Lab aims to demonstrate that by using modular and reversible components, waste produced when changing buildings can be reduced by 90%. In addition, the construction of this project seeks to demonstrate that the use of virgin materials can be reduced by 70%.

In the coming period we will set up and organize the project structure so that partners involved can start the engineering from their own discipline and come to an integral process.


The Green Transformable Building Lab© is being realized and co-financed by various partners from the construction and industry such as De Groot Vroomshoop, Kloeckner Metals ODS NL/Jansen, Pilkington Netherlands, Ammanu LED-Intelligence, Jongen Bouwpartners, Rodeca BV, 4D Architects, Adviesbureau Brekelmans, MJB Groep - Bouwregisseurs, ABT Ingenieurs in Bouwtechniek Staatsbosbeheer, TheNewMakers, Bluedeck, Moooz,.

In addition, Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg, IBA Parkstad, Province of Limburg, Municipality of Heerlen and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations made a subsidy contribution to the project. Rabobank Parkstad Limburg supported the project in the preparation phase.


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