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Knowledge Platform 1.0

We are thrilled to finally present the first full version of the Circular Building Knowledge Platform! This platform is the go-to destination for knowledge sharing and collaboration in the circular building field. It is the fastest way to generate and share knowledge to support the shift towards circular building. You will find a wealth of resources on circular building, including partners, strategies, tools, guidelines, and lessons learned from exemplary projects.

The knowledge platform is the digital pillar of GTB Lab. It The other complementary physical pillar is a real life laboratory with annual transformations of the GTB Lab building in the city of Heerlen NL. The physical tests and demonstrations generate information and knowledge that become available on the knowledge platform.

Circular Building Knowledge platform has been developed by EU Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings with support of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Province of Limburg, Region of Parkstad, IBA Parkstad 2020 and municipality of Heerlen.


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