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Podcast: Brick by Brick

The Opportunities - The EU Industry Days 2021 podcast episode #3 Brick by Brick was recorded for the EU Industry Week, an initiative of the European Commission about the future of circular building.

Established industries are as important for EU industry, as the new kids on the block. The construction, renovation and building industries are a very good example of what it takes to face the industrial and social challenges, and turn them into opportunities. To deliver on Europe’s recent Renovation Wave initiative, big efforts are needed to renovate and seriously limit the carbon foot-print of the existing buildings. On the other hand, green should also be affordable. This episode will discuss the increasingly environmentally and socially sustainable building environment across Europe, putting particular focus on business opportunities of such ambitions.


Domenico Campogrande, Director General of European Construction Industry Federation

Sorcha Edwards, Secretary General of Housing Europe

Elma Durmisevic, UIA expert


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