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Invitation: Digital Deconstruction Showcase Event­­ ­ ­

Location: Brightlands Smart Services Campus, Smedestraat 2, Heerlen

Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Three years ago, GTB Lab started the EU Interreg project Digital Deconstruction (DDC) with partners to develop digital tools on a platform that enable circular construction. We want to share with the thirteen project partners from France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands the results with everyone at the final event. We also look ahead to the coming years and making the platform operational.

It is an inspiring day with the opportunity to meet each other and discuss which follow-up steps can be taken.

You are cordially invited. Please, contact via us via info [a] gtb-lab . com

3 tools, 1 platform

3D scanning­

inventory of asset

Reversible BIM

Reuse Potential of materials

Materials Database

Market instrument

The Digital Deconstruction Platform in a nutshell

  • One portal with all the tools needed to support building reuse strategies

  • Reduce CO2 impact

  • Increase financial value of assets

  • Save time

  • Reduce the use of experts

  • Use the BIM objects of reusable materials in new projects

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