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Students visiting GTB Lab

Today Green Transformable Building Lab opened the door to 180 students of architecture who came to Heerlen from University of applied science Windesheim, from north of the Netherlands, to learn more about circular building design and see its rea-life application in Laboratory for circular buildings - GTB Lab. Architect and inventor of GTB Lab Elma Durmisevic took students through a journey from design concept and principles to manufacturing, construction and role of digital tools in the design of circular buildings. Students had opportunity to learn more about Durmisevic's vision and philosophy about circular building as Reversible Monument of the future.

Day started with introduction lectures at Brightlands Smart Services Campus covering topics of Circular building design By Elma Durmisevic, followed by vibrant talk about regional strategy of Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg for circular building presented by Paul Consten and presentation of Digital Deconstruction project done by Yanick Dols

Special attention was given to digital concepts and solutions developed during digital deconstruction project to support digital inventory and decision making in deconstruction projects.


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