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WasteBuild Amsterdam 2019

At the conference Elma Durmisevic speaks about reversible building design protocols and tools for circular building. According Durmisevic: demolition waste is the result of a design mistake.

Accelerate the transition to a circular built environment… WasteBuild is the first and only international built environment event with the dedicated ambition to eliminate global waste. Today, the construction process accounts for 50% of all materials used globally and for 36% of the waste created. Increasing public awareness and an appetite to tackle waste in all forms is encouraging the adoption of robust circular economy roadmaps across all governments, with innovations in the built environment critical to every plan.

This movement away from the old linear ‘take, make, waste’ approach towards a circular economy is now more and more backed up by regulations and government targets across Europe and the World. WasteBuild in Amsterdam is the only event dedicated to the international architecture, engineering and construction community and to specifically understanding the opportunities that the circular economy brings.


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