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First GTB Lab Circular Module Produced

GTB lab Circular Module has been developed with full reversibility in mind and aiming at high reuse potential of all building parts. Four reversibility scenarios have been fully investigated and applied.

  1. Reversibility on module level including replicability of façade, roof, floor as for example using the façade caseates to create a floor/terrace which took place during the modules and extendability of the modules transformation.

  2. Reversibility on component level, including reconfiguration of floor, roof or fasade cassette by transforming the door into a window or a shelf.

  3. Design - production measurement coordination to eliminateed 98% of production waste.

  4. Replicability/transportation of 3d modue and extendability of the modules.

Production Location

Kloeckner Metals ODS Nederland, Ridderkerk


Elma Durmisevic, 4D architects

Technical support

Jelle de Klerk 4D architects, Bas Hennes, 4D architects

Industry Circular Building _ GTB Lab consortium Kloeckner Metals ODS Nederland, Ron Jacobs Paul Penners, Michiel van Dooren

Skellet: Ivo Swenters Pilkington Nederland B.V. Marcel Ribberink TheNewMakers, Pieter Stoutjesdijk Rodeca, Peter Lindeman Ammanu, Niels Leijten

Reversible Assembly Sequences

Reversible Assembly Sequences

Reversible Connections

The GTB Lab circular module has been made possible by carefull design of reversible connection types which enable disassmebly and replacability without damaging the element or connection itself. In that respect all connectios are combinations of:

  1. Interlock connections (12,9,8,5)

  2. Connections with intermediary element using interlock principles connection two fasade components (4)

  3. Design of independent intermediary between two different functional clusters to enable exchangeability of independent product without damaging components ( 1, 2,10,11 & 3)

  4. Only loadbearing structure has been assembled using direct connections with mechanical devises using pre-made perforations (6 & 7)

Reversible Connections

Assembly and Disassembly Zoom In

Rreversible module zoom in

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