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Assembly of wooden roof structure

The laminated wood roof structure is assembled and connected to the steel core and log columns.

Wooden roof structure.


Preparing main edge beam with bolted steel connectors.

Laminated main beam lifted to its place.

Beam slided over connector plates.

Lifting laminated timber beam into place.

Sliding edge beam over top connectors with tree trunk columns.

Lifting edge beam to its place.

Main structure is almost there.

Fastening secondary beams with screws.

Structural meeting point of steel core, laminated timber roof and wooden columns.

Gradually the timber structure is getting filled.

Connection of main beams with steel tower.

Connection of secundary beams with steel tower.

Node of main beams connected to wooden columns.

Secundary beams are screwed on main beams.

Blue sky beautifully contrasts with the roof structure.

Wooden grid of roof is starting to become visible.

Corner connectors between main edge beams.

Corner connection assembled.

Assembly of roof edge is progressing.

Foam on the steel edge connectors prefends moisture from timber edge to corrode steel.

Connection node between column and serveral beams.

Roof edge is surrounding the main beam of the roof structure.

Main beams and a secundary beam connected to steel tower.

Blue sky

Dotting the i's.

Result after assembling the roof structure.


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