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Construction of GTB Lab started!

The construction of the 'Green Transformable Building Lab' (GTB Lab) in Heerlen started this week.

photo: Pascal Moors

GTB Lab is unique European platform for demonstration and development of circular building concepts and new circular design and decision support tools. "Buildings that are built as dynamic and flexible, with reusable materials and high value reuse in mind, form a driving force behind transition to a circular economy. With circular construction, no stone, no screw is thrown away. With such approach, buildings are no longer consumption machines of raw materials and waste piles of the future, but rather storage sites of valuable building materials", says the founder and creator of the GTB Lab, architect Dr. Elma Durmisevic.

Development of GTB Lab brings together private and public sector around a transition towards circular economy in construction. The GTB Lab is funded by various partners from construction industry as Jansen Building Systems by ODS, Pilkington, De Groot Vroomshoop Groep, AMMANU - LED Intelligence, Rodeca, 4D Architects Amsterdam, ABT, Adviesbureau Brekelmans, MJB, Jongen Bouwpartners, as well as from public sector as IBA Parkstad, Provincie Limburg, Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg

Municipality of Heerlen (Gemeente Heerlen) and Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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