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First fully circular and reversible table

First fully circular and reversible table initiated by Green Transformable Building Lab (GTB Lab) has been finalised yesterday.

It is made of reused heating pipes from a home of GTB Lab employee Thomas Begstra, reused screws from an old wall, reused tabletop, and pieces of old tables (oak wood which have been saved from the incinerator by the table designers Annet Butink and Rob Nieuwenhuizen (Van Goedhout). No glue has been used, connection types are reflecting a combination of interlocked and direct fastener connections, and the furniture piece ranked very high in the Reuse Potential© scoring system by Elma Durmisevic.

By unscrewing 4 pressurised interlock connections all table pieces automatically split apart, ready to be reused as new table or in another product. Realisation of the table is made possible by support of GTB Lab to start-up company Van Goedhout. After realisation of a the first circular GTB Lab table series by "Van Goedhout", there will be many more to come.


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