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GDC Assembly Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Green Design Centre in Mostar is the Southeast European equivalent of the physical Green Transformable Building Lab in Heerlen, Northwest Europe. Where GTB Lab is an example of reversibility of new building, GDC is an example of reversibility of existing building.

At an abandoned former military site (near Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, well known for the bridge Stari Most), an old and damaged building awaits a new life. A life that will include a wide range of possibilities for expanding the space - thanks to Reversible Building Design. The surrounding land along the Neretva river is being developed as a recreational area. The old military building will gain a new function as a Green Design Centre:

An information center in Southeast Europe where new concepts and technological solutions will be displayed and promoted for the realisation of sustainable concepts that support circularity - with regard to both materials and energy.

A new storey will be added atop the existing structure. It will consist of a core volume with options for various reversible expansion modules that will serve as office space and house workshops, exhibitions and lectures.

Circular construction

The Green Design Centre will be a creative centre bringing together sectors who wish to affiliate themselves with construction innovation and Reversible Building Design. With its fully circular and self-sufficient design, the building is aligned to the core principle of the Green Design Centre.

The underlying philosophy is that the materials used in the design will not become waste in future. The old construction will be reused and will serve as a basis for the additional storey. What's more, the building will function as a material bank: the new addition will feature steel doors that can be fully disassembled and easily expanded, as well as wooden floors chosen due to good local availability (and subsequently low environmental impact).

A standard module has been developed that is stable on its own and is equipped with a similarly modular system for the installation of technical facilities. The modules can be linked together and each module can be extended. As a result, the structure is extremely flexible and adaptable – greatly increasing both the range of future options and the lifespan.

The building will be as self-sufficient as possible. The energy it uses will be generated via solar panels and stored in batteries. This centre has been designed to make optimum use of natural light while preventing the sun's rays from entering directly. The greenery-rich landscape design surrounding the building provides a natural form of cooling. In combination with a heat pump that draws cool water from the soil under the building, this ensures that the interior climate of the structure is pleasant all year round.

GDC Mostar Sarajevo Green Design Foundation (SGDF) in collaboration with City of Mostar Architect Elma Durmisevic, SGDF/4D architects Industry _ GDC consortium ArrhiPlus, Alfatherm, Konstrukcije, Atelje Z, Ramaglas. Partners City of Mostar, University of Dzemal Bjedic, University of Mostar, Alfatherm, ADA.

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