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Keynote for BAMB at Cairo University

During the final workshops for the Project BIMide3 -Building Information Modelling: Integrated Design Environment for Engineering Education, BAMB partner Dr. Elma Durmisevic, UTwente, was a keynote speaker with “Reversible Building Design a key to circular building, and roll of BIM”.

Reversible Building Design is design of buildings which can be easily disassembled, or where parts can be removed, upgraded and exchanged without damaging the building, the part itself or surrounding part. lt is seen as a new philosophy where waste is considered a design error. The intention of such design is designing for circular value chains. lnstead of being to-be waste in the end, buildings would function as banks of valuable materials. Existing design and development tools have been created for a linear use of resources and miss the link to the aspects and indicators of circular material streams through the built environment. Reversibility of building depends on the way materials are put together to perform certain functional unity. Therefore Reversible building deals with level of functional, technical and physical dependencies within particular building/product. Considering the complexity of the information required to successful design and asses reversible buildings (resulting into buildings with high reuse/recovery potential and high transformation capacity) BIM would play a key roll in its successful implementation, once adjusted to the criteria of reversible buildings.


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