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Launch ECCBT

The European Centre for Circular Building and Transformation (ECCBT) was inaugurated at the Brightlands Smart Service Campus in Heerlen, symbolically marking the start of the second construction phase of the Green Transformable Building Lab, the European Laboratory for Circular Buildings.

The ECCBT was launched by the Dutch Minister of Transport and Water Management, Vivianne Heijnen, and the Deputy Mayor of Heerlen, Casper Gelderblom, by pressing the red button and creating a livestream of the 2nd construction phase of the Green Transformable Building Lab.

The GTB Lab is one of the knowledge pillars of the ECCBT, whose innovations are implemented in real-life showcases of circular/reversible building design and construction methods. These physical innovations are supported by real-life digital circularity performance assessments, including material and CO2 savings calculations and a digital reuse catalogue.

The Green Transformable Building Lab was conceived and founded by architect Prof. Dr. Elma Durmisevic with a vision of buildings as dynamic, reversible structures that form the material banks of the future. Accordingly, Durmisevic sees demolition as a design error. The GTB Lab's innovations therefore emphasise that the transition from a linear to a circular economy starts with design, which can unlock the multi-layered capacity of buildings, from the adaptive reuse of buildings to the adaptive reuse of products and materials. This is demonstrated in the construction and transformation phases of the GTB Lab.

The second phase of construction is the result of true co-creation, bringing together Dutch, Belgian and German public and private stakeholders: Provincie Limburg, Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg, Gemeente Heerlen, 4D Architects Amsterdam, Adviesbureau Brekelmans, Habenu - Van de Kreeke, Jansen AG, Warsco Units, Bluedec Technologies, SOLTECH NV, Tectum, Marmony Solutions GmbH en Nordish Infra.

Architects: Elma Durmisevic, 4D Architects Amsterdam

Structural engineer: Jaap van Heijster, Adviesbureau Brekelmans

Contractor: Habenu - Van de Kreeke

Industry: Warsco Units, Bluedec Technologies, Soltech NV, Tectum Group, Marmony Solutions GmbH, Nordish Infra, Jansen AG


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