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Keynote Durmisevic at Circular Build Forum 2023

Elma Durmisevic talked about Circular Building strategies from Dutch perspective during her keynote address at Circular Build Forum 2023 in Denmark.

This has been great opportunity to present frontrunning circular building projects in the Netherlands. The keynote did not go unnoticed in the Danish construction magazines:

This projects cover the demonstration of design of new reversible buildings that will eliminate waste from construction sector through Green Transformable Building Lab "Light House" for reversible circular construction in the Netherlands, deconstruction of existing high-rise housing block and reuse of materials in new construction (UIA SUPERLOCAL - Super Circular Estate project in Kerkrade) and finally Digital Deconstruction project which developed Digital Deconstruction Platform integrating four digital tools (3D scanning, RBIM, Material Database and Blockchain) to support decision making regarding deconstruction and reuse strategies.

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